Pipework for the Gîte

Once  we'd  scraped out the ground  down to foundation level, we could lay out the pipework for the main drainage.  The first image shows the trench between the gîte and the fosse septique. There are three 100mm PVC pipes. One is for 'grey' water—waste water from all outlets other than the WC, and the Second... Continue Reading →


The ruin end—first steps

This photo was taken in 2005 before we began any renovation. It shows the ruined 'west' end of the building, which we soon came to refer to as the gîte end because we planned on having this part as a self-contained small house, albeit still attached to the main property. The stone here is limestone,... Continue Reading →

Our tiny hamlet – Fabre de Lagrange

Our little hamlet, Fabre de Lagrange is situated in the commune of Penne, in the Tarn department, in the Midi-Pyrenées region of south west France. The image shows detail from one of the map-charts  (le cadastre)  that are stored at the Mairie in Penne our local village. Dark red : this is our property which... Continue Reading →

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