The House as was—circa 2005

2005 courtyard facade from the south
2005— the courtyard and front facade of the house

Here is a photomontage of the house as seen from the south, looking north. I pieced together the image quite a while ago without the use of any image-merging software, but it still gives a good enough impression of the style and state of the building.

le cadastre—Fabre de Lagrange

  • The footprint of the building makes a shape of a reversed capital L , with the north (garden) facade 30m in length, and the east facing side, 20m in length—shown in the following image with detail from the Cadastre plan .
  • The area shaded red is the building,
  • that shaded orange is the courtyard, 
  • and the pale yellow area the land to the north of the building

Also on the cadastre image, I’ve circled the west end of the building with the label ‘RUIN’. We referred to it as such because the roof had long since collapsed and fallen in and the north wall had since deteriorated over the years ansd was leaning outwards precariously.

There were only two rooms that were ‘habitable’, those being two adjacent rooms on the first floor—they had been recently used as dayrooms by two farm labourers who were working for our neighbour during the 1990s. In the top image, these were situated behind the door and under the chimney at the right of the photo.

We actually bought the house three years before this photo was taken, but didn’t sell our first house next door and move in until 2005. In 2002, the house had no sanitation, the electric was supplied to a few sockets and light fittings via a heavy industrial cable slung across from another building owned by the former owner, and the water, likewise, was supplied via a pipe branching off existing plumbing from another barn in the hamlet.


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