Our tiny hamlet – Fabre de Lagrange

Our little hamlet, Fabre de Lagrange is situated in the commune of Penne, in the Tarn department, in the Midi-Pyrenées region of south west France.

The image shows detail from one of the map-charts  (le cadastre)  that are stored at the Mairie in Penne our local village.

  • Dark red : this is our property which we are currently renovating.
  • Orange : this was our original house that we bought in 1990, and sold in 2004 to another english couple who use it as a holiday home.
  • Purple : Patrick & Monique Rey, recently retired. Used to farm the surrounding land.
  • Lime-green : Jeannette Rey, Patrick’s mother, from whom we bought the current house.
  • Dark-green : A retired Dutch couple, who use the house as a holiday home.
  • Turquoise-green : This was the former school house, during the early 1900s, and was used as a gîte during the 1980s and just recently sold to our Dutch neighbours.

The other buildings shown hatched in grey are stone barns and outbuildings.

You can view the area on Google Earth by either  “flying to” 44°05’48.36″ N   1°46’18.22” E, or  Penne, 81140 Tarn and then moving about 3km to the northeast.


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