Pipework for the Gîte

Drainage trench to the fosse

Once  we’d  scraped out the ground  down to foundation level, we could lay out the pipework for the main drainage.  The first image shows the trench between the gîte and the fosse septique. There are three 100mm PVC pipes.
One is for ‘grey’ water—waste water from all outlets other than the WC, and the
Second is for ‘black’ water—or toilet waste, and the
Third is for rainwater—collected from the roof via the gutters.
When we finally get around to putting in a swimming pool, we’ll sink in another concrete tank adjacent to it to use as a storage tank for the rainwater from this third pipe. And the next job was to prepare the area for a poured concrete reinforced slab, off which we would start rebuilding the gîte.

Drainage pipes for the gîte
Drainage pipes for the gîte

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