The Courtyard Wall—Stage 1—April 2005

Started rebuilding the stone boundary wall by clearing the ground to lay down the foundation stones. The original wall had once been considerably higher but was now in a very poor state, unstable and overgrown with ivy. It looked a mess, so we demolished all but the final metre in the corner.

For classic dry-stone walling, you normally lay “The Double” and place smaller ‘locking’ stones between them in the middle of the wall. The Double refers to the two largish, flatish stones, one laid on the exterior side, the other on the interior. For the foundation, I often simply utilize very large stones that fill the whole width, circa 80cm, of the shallow foundation trench. There is no need to use any cement or lime mortar at any stage in the construction of a “dry” wall. Provided you abide by a couple of simple rules, and take care and attention, your wall will outlast you, your children, and their children’s children.

And those two simple rules?

Two on One and One on Two
All stones touching all neighbouring stones.


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