The Courtyard Wall—Stage 2—2009

First arch stones left hand side in placeIn the 2 year interval since starting the wall—see post Stage 1—a lot of work had been completed on the ruined end of the property, as you can see in the photo above. It is no longer a ruin, but we were yet to move into it! I’d continued to add to the wall off and on, an hour here, a morning there, throughout these two years, until the point came when I needed to clear the courtyard of all the mix of rubble, and stone that had accumulated. It was time to crack on with the wall and get the archway underway.

First Arch stone in placeCrane lifting the first stoneHaving the crane obviously makes a huge difference to what one can achieve safely and quickly, especially when working alone. The control module for the crane—at the end of 20m of heavy cable—is used on the ground and occasionally Denise used the controls whilst I steadied the stones and gave her instructions to position the stone exactly. The crane had just enough reach but at its maximum extension, heavy weights do tend to ‘bounce’ a little due to the jib flexing under the load. Can be quite exciting at times!

3 Arch Stones in place


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