Rebuilding the Gîte—First Steps—2007

Once all the drainage pipework was in place and buried in the gravel, we had a delivery of ready-mix and poured the reinforced concrete slab. Then scaffolded up the walls to remove much of the unstable stone to make working in the area safer, and then started laying down the first brick-block courses. Used a laser to accurately set out the first courses.

You can see in the top right image that we’d leveled off the stonework at the gable end of the ruin—it was leaning out somewhat—but we needed to do this as we would be cementing in a reinforced concrete ring beam all around the top of the stone wall to place the wall plate timber to take the bottom edge of the roofing panels. All the mortar mixes were the usual 3 sand to 1 lime ( a medium to high strength hydraulic lime and NOT a pure non-hydraulic CaO ). See the post on LIME for further details on the uses of lime.


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