The Courtyard Wall—Stage 3—2010


At odd times over the year, I continued building up the main wall until the time came to sort out the other side of the Archway in order to put the arch stones in place. They’d been lying around for years—lost count of how many times I’d already moved them! I’d roughly measured the span as they lay on the gravel, but now had to position them exactly so that the exact span could be measured and the formwork constructed.

The original entrance way was wider than the width of the new arch, so I extended the wall on the house side by about a metre, setting in the new postbox as I went. Here I did use a little lime mortar in forming the stone housing around the metal box.

I used OSB (Oriented strand board) to make the form for the arch. After laying out the individual stones in their correct position, the board was jigsawed to shape, a second identical piece cut, and then the two ‘halves’ nailed together with noggin spacers.Arch-Formwork


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