The Upper Floor—Stage 2—the “Hourdis” —Feb 2008

hourdis pre-concreteFollowing on from the previous post, as each of the poutrelles were set in place, all the rest of the hollow concrete blocks were dropped into place between them. Until the concrete is poured, care must be taken when moving around on these blocks—they can crack and fracture by excessive rough treatment, so it is best practice to walk over them from poutrelle to poutrelle.steel trellis

In this shot of the courtyard from the old balcony you can see all the remaining palettes of blocks plus the 8 or 10 steel trellis grids. These are set on top of the blocks, cut, overlapped, and wired together as necessary, so that when the ready-mx is poured, this steel reinforcement in effect “floats” within the concrete layer.

To finish preparing the east end of the building for the new floor, all the existing floorboards, roof tiles, and roof timbers had to be completely stripped out. We had hoped to save and leave two of the original roof trusses in place but on inspection they were in too poor a state for it to be worthwhile. Using the crane and Ed’s help, we had this section down and cleared in just a day.Stripping the lounge area

And finally, by way of magic, here is an image of the new floor slab, all ready to continue the new block work up to roof level. I must have waylaid the camera for a few days as I can’t for the life of me uncover any photos of this part of the building after the above image was taken until this one with the floor in place. New poured concrete floor


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