Vallée des Moulins —St.Michel-de-Vax

Valley des MoulinsA Study in Green,  A Walk on the Wild Side,  A Glimpse of the Past — Call it what you will — this little valley just 5 minutes from us here at Fabre is a little gem. It’s part of a wonderful leisurely walk of about 2 to 3 hours, ideal in the heat of summer due to lots of shady trees, which takes in four former water mills, now decayed and derelict though still retaining an eerie silence. The stream carries little water now but you can still see the remains of the water races and sluice gates. It wouldn’t have been that many decades ago when these mills were still in use. Local paysan and smallholders would bring their grain here for milling, paying a portion of their grain or flour for the service. This landscape has remained unchanged for centuries—my old Forester friend from Scotland was ecstatic one holiday seeing all the indicator species for ancient woodland. As I say, it’s a gem and not to be missed when you’re in the area.

Planet Earth : 44 ° 06′ 03,12″ N.  –  1° 48′ 57,78″ E.   –   Elev. 268 m.waterfall



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