Pool Project part 1 — hole, sketch, and a little bit of philosophy.

Patrick – Friend, Neighbour, Electrician, Electronic Engineer, Guru……..called in yesterday to disconnect the 3-Phase circuit breaker at the main supply box (le tableau) — no longer needed now that the crane was down and away. That only took 5 minutes so then I asked him about the electrics for our new pool and this is what he left me with.

Patrick pool schema

The ONE thing that I have learnt over the 20 odd years of house improvement and renovation is this.  

Every minute spent thinking, researching and planning before starting the work is worth a year’s peace of mind after the job’s finished”.

Of course, we’re not professionals, and we won’t get everything 100% perfect — but don’t let that put you off. I’m often asked how we’ve got the courage, the confidence, even the stamina to do all this — a total remake of an old stone house. I suppose for me, it’s a challenge that I never tire of — creating something worth having out of something that’s been neglected and left fallow. And when you’re motivated and truly involved in any project, you’ll get results in the end. Patience, steady application, — Oh, and keep fit and healthy. Ask advice at every opportunity and don’t take risks trying stuff that could be really dangerous — for instance, I do 95% of all the new electrical work BUT I always get Patrick around periodically to finally connect a section to the “tableau” and to verify that everything is kosher.

So, the next stage for me, whilst Ed the diggerman is completing the excavation, will be to prepare a drawing/plan of the pool and terrace areas with all the “bits” in place — pool, pump-house, rainwater tank, and lighting circuits — so that all the pipework and electrical cabling is in the correct place and can be “buried” and lost under the future landscaping.


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