Are you feeling GREEN today?

Even if you’re feeling a little dodgy after your latest night out on the town, there’s a lot more to feeling green than a sore head and a dicky tummy! Just look at these shades — lovely natural soothing tones to help you to a full recovery.

Here are a couple of pages out of “Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours” originally published in the early 1800s. Werner was a German Geologist and here he was attempting to devise a classification of colour based on fossil specimens, rocks and minerals.

Sounds a weird idea to me but I think his “colorful” names are wonderful. He describes his Honey Yellow as “Lower Parts of Neck of Bird of Paradise”  and his Orpiment Orange as “The Neck Ruff of the Golden Pheasant, Belly of the Warty Newt.”

So for your next paint job — the junk room you’ve always thought of as a future bedroom, — how about sponging the walls in “Sea Kale with Winter Leek Leaves”  set off by an old mirror frame repainted with “Neck of the Eider Drake.”   


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