An Afternoon Walk—Espinas to the Abbaye de Beaulieu, and back again

L’Abbaye de Beaulieu, in the valley of the Seye, a few kilometers to the north west of us, were hosting a summer exhibition, “Les nomades du silence” by the celebrated sculptor, Jephan de Villiers. We wanted to visit so organised a little walk one afternoon with our neighbours, stopping off at the Abbaye along the way.

L'Abbaye de Beaulieu


“Even during the holiday periods, you can walk for miles and rarely meet other folk” —

Since moving to this area 20 years ago, we have been spoilt by all the wonderful walking right on our doorstep. You never see any discarded litter and the byways are usually well signposted.
When planning a new route with the map in unfamiliar country, you tend to focus upon the printed rights of way, but in reality, when you don your boots and hit the trail, you discover more routes and pathways that exist, that simple look like odd lines and squiggles on the map.

Here’s a map of the area, and some photos to give you an idea of the countryside—we’re in the Tarn-et-Garonne, department 82, north east of St.Antonin-N-Val.

Espinas & Abbaye de Beaulieu mapWoodland near Espinas
The village of Verfeilleafy laneEmpty countryramblers


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