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Our Courtyard Hearth — Warm Evenings After the Sun Goes Down

Fire lit, ready for the evening
Fire just lit, early evening

Forget what’s on the tele, or those emails that need sending — just fill your glass with a full bodied bordeaux, or your pint mug of fresh mint tea, pull up your lounger, kick off your shoes,  and let the conversation take you wherever you wish.

Staring into the flames of a well built wood-fire is time well spent. It may seems idle at first, but I reckon it can be the spawning ground for many of your future plans — ideas form as the fire flickers — your imagination leaps and soars as each new zephyr in the night-time air fans the embers into life for one more time…………

Courtyard hearth

“Simple to Make — Simply Wonderful to Sit Around”

“This Is Truly What Evenings Were Made For!”

Old Dry Wood Burns Well


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