Fresco Paintings — Nicolaus Greschny

Nicolaus GreschnySome years ago, we were lucky enough to view a tiny Chapel, lost deep in the less-frequented regions of the Tarn.

Its exact location is best forgotten  as one of our party of three had wheedled the key from whomever it was who held it (not me I might add).

It isn’t normally open to the public. However, by those in the ‘know’, it’s renown for its splendid frescoes by Estonian painter Nicolaus Greschny.

He has painted well over 80 paintings, the majority of which adorn the walls of churches in the South of France. A year or two later, we enjoyed a guided tour of a larger church on the outskirts of Villefrance de Rouergue, in the Aveyron, again to view more frescoes by the same artist.

fresco detail01

So what is Fresco?

Should it happens to be asked when facing both the question-master and the ten million watching public, during your attempt to win the jackpot on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, then just choose the option that has the following KEY Words — FRESH WET LIME PLASTER – MURALS – WATER BASED PIGMENTS – WALL PAINTING and the money’s yours!

fresco detail03fresco detail04 fresco icon paintingfresco icon paintingfresco icon paintingfresco icon painting


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