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Vintage Cars — Vintage Color — Paintings by digital Artist K M Gatzka

02I came across  an old webzine by chance the other night featuring digital paintings by Artrage users — and just loved this set of themed paintings around vintage cars.

I’ve been using Artrage for some time now and have been trying to master some of the basics of digital painting. I’m no artist — it’s an uphill battle — but it’s great relaxation — losing yourself for a while with “pots of paint” with some favorite music playing in the background.

This lovely set is by musician and digital artist K M Gatzka — here is his blog. Kirk mainly uses the Corel Suite of drawing and painting software — each artist has his or her own favorite. I’m just a dabbler and find Artrage very affordable, highly intuitive in use and well supported with help files and forums.

Give it a try — you never know when your next masterpiece is just around the corner!

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