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Vintage Rubber Gloves and Stand for the Reluctant Housewife


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20130707-165716.jpgRubber Gloves with a Touch of Style

Just listed these ‘upper crust’ rubber gloves and their handsome metal ‘hand’ stand in my vintage shop – 3rdshelffromthetop


A pair of black rubber gloves embellished with royal red and white, trimmed with gold and a crown. They also come with the wire display ‘hand’ stand because quite honestly, any practical housewife would find these gloves a little bit impractical!

Best to keep them well displayed on a prominent kitchen shelf – creates a talking point!

So, I propose that the embellished rubber gloves and the metal stand, are really a decorative item for your kitchen or drinks bar. Not really too practical but a great gift for friends or relatives who feel that they are a ‘cut above’ washing-up!




Living & working in the hidden depths of South West France making photo and picture frames in our little studio at the bottom of the garden AND restoring a big old stone house - hard work, but totally enjoyable!

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