Who Are We?

Martin and Denise Mackenzie say a big hello from the depths of South West France !

We moved to this lovely part of the world from England in 1992 along with our 10 week old daughter, the cat, all our worldly possessions  and our framing equipment.

What did we move in to? An ancient stone house that needed TOTAL renovation – madness or what!

Oh well, that was nearly 20 years ago, we managed to restore the house and start our framing business in that time, but being a glutton for punishment, we sold our house and moved to the one next door and yes, you’ve guessed it – yet another total renovation job to do – madness or what!

Denise is the principle author of our blog  Details in the Decor which is here to introduce you to our Picture and Photo Frames that we sell in our Etsy Store,  to share with you our passion for home decor and a few DIY tips that you can incorporate into your home.

Martin is going to give you an insight into our experiences on renovating our old stone house here:

Stone by Stone—House to Home  just in case you are thinking about taking on such a project! Even if you aren’t, it still makes a good read and is also a good introduction to the area of South West France that we live in.

3rd Shelf from the Top is a ‘bits and bobs’ blog for any thing that takes our fancy!

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