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Weird and Wonderful Buildings

I seem to have come across some very weird and wonderful buildings this week on Pinterest which I thought I would draw your attention to. By the look of things – I think a little trip to Barcelona would not go amiss in order to view the real deal of a few of these architectural delights.

But Beware If you don’t look after your house – It might end up like this!

Well, I suppose this could be classed as extreme Shabby chic. I’d love to grab a bit of that old pink plaster work – just to frame up and hang on the wall!

But if it was my house, I think I’d be feeling a bit upset!

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Posted in Pinterest & Etsy Delights!

Crocheted Bead Linen Neck Warmer

I just happened to see this most original neckwarmer come necklace whilst browsing on Etsy. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before, ideal I think for this time of year when there is still a little chill in the air even though spring is just around the corner! Certainly makes a change from the scarves that are the usual alternatives.

If you would like to taker a closer look at this lovely object of desire, go to hypericumfragile Monika’s Etsy shop.