DECORATION can mean a multitude of things – but the words that come to mind for me are Color, Surface, Shape and Space. We live within and are surrounded by them, so let us be inspired and aware of their essential details when designing and decorating our own homes.

INSPIRATION – in the streets, films, houses, gardens, art, painting……oh – what about shops, magazines, books, websites and blogs……the list is endless! Click here to find some of my inspirations.

COLOR SHAPE SPACE – so many ideas to talk about and see – from color swatches in my sketchbook to photos from rural France and lot’s more in between!

WALL DISPLAYS – what do you put on your walls? How do you display your favorite photos, prints and paintings? What are your walls made of? What color and texture are they? Ideas to dream over.

PINTEREST & ETSY DELIGHTS two of my favorite sites for finding the best on the web for decor and craft themes.

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