………… sitting by the pool with a glass of wine on a hot and sunny afternoon —er. Well, perhaps one day but not yet! We have a few projects to finish first. The house needs renovating, the garden planning, rooms decorating. Then there are flea markets to rummage around, picture frames to make and places to visit. So come and join us in our busy life in this idyllic corner of southern France.

Here are a few links to some sample posts in each of the major categories:-

TUTORIALS : Be Creative — Denise will be sharing her ideas about transforming old junky stuff that you may have lying about into ‘Objet d’Art’ — such as creating lovely wall-hangings. And Martin has lots of tips, tricks and good advice to pass on after years spent renovating our old stone house. Go to DIY Shabby White Frames.

old French books3rd SHELF FROM THE TOP : Flea Market Finds. I just love all the wonderful ‘vide greniers’ (empty your attics!) that we have here in France during the summer months. Come and see what I have picked up along the way – such as the old suitcase full of books. Some things I keep and some things I sell in my Etsy shop, which of coarse, is called 3rdshelffromthetop!


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