The Courtyard Wall—Stage 6—Finished at last!

Not a lot left to say—the poor old climbing rose on the right of the image has survived all the abuse that came with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has wonderful deep blood-red blooms in early summer so we hope it now thrives in its new setting. And by this... Continue Reading →


The Courtyard Wall—Stage 5

Once I had all the arch stones mortared in place, I ran an oak timber on the inside behind the arch to finish spanning the opening. Further dry stone was then added in courses as usual. I wanted two or three shallow courses of stone above the arch to reach the final height. The image... Continue Reading →

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down!

Stonefall—happened one evening, June 2007; no-one below luckily. This section was due for demolition—just hadn't got round to it. Guess I got away with this one with just a bit of scrappy boarding getting smashed and buried by the rubble. In the image below, I've zeroed in on the unstable area prior to the collapse.... Continue Reading →

The Courtyard Wall—Stage 1—April 2005

Started rebuilding the stone boundary wall by clearing the ground to lay down the foundation stones. The original wall had once been considerably higher but was now in a very poor state, unstable and overgrown with ivy. It looked a mess, so we demolished all but the final metre in the corner. For classic dry-stone... Continue Reading →

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