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Weekly Photo Challenge Green Autumn Color and Texture Tarn South West France

How Green – How Green this walk has been! Such a lot of green moss on the trees – I have no idea why – OK, the time of year is November, in the depths of Autumn here in South West France, but not particularly wet. In fact when we went on this local walk, we had bright blue skies and a temperature of 19 degrees.

OK, I know the photo challenge is green, but I couldn’t resist adding a little red – just as important during this autumn time – and so complimentary to the color green!

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Weird and Wonderful Buildings

I seem to have come across some very weird and wonderful buildings this week on Pinterest which I thought I would draw your attention to. By the look of things – I think a little trip to Barcelona would not go amiss in order to view the real deal of a few of these architectural delights.

But Beware If you don’t look after your house – It might end up like this!

Well, I suppose this could be classed as extreme Shabby chic. I’d love to grab a bit of that old pink plaster work – just to frame up and hang on the wall!

But if it was my house, I think I’d be feeling a bit upset!

Any one like to follow me on PINTEREST – then HERE I AM!

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Are you feeling GREEN today?

Even if you’re feeling a little dodgy after your latest night out on the town, there’s a lot more to feeling green than a sore head and a dicky tummy! Just look at these shades — lovely natural soothing tones to help you to a full recovery.

Here are a couple of pages out of “Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours” originally published in the early 1800s. Werner was a German Geologist and here he was attempting to devise a classification of colour based on fossil specimens, rocks and minerals.

Sounds a weird idea to me but I think his “colorful” names are wonderful. He describes his Honey Yellow as “Lower Parts of Neck of Bird of Paradise”  and his Orpiment Orange as “The Neck Ruff of the Golden Pheasant, Belly of the Warty Newt.”

So for your next paint job — the junk room you’ve always thought of as a future bedroom, — how about sponging the walls in “Sea Kale with Winter Leek Leaves”  set off by an old mirror frame repainted with “Neck of the Eider Drake.”   

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Vallée des Moulins —St.Michel-de-Vax

Valley des MoulinsA Study in Green,  A Walk on the Wild Side,  A Glimpse of the Past — Call it what you will — this little valley just 5 minutes from us here at Fabre is a little gem. It’s part of a wonderful leisurely walk of about 2 to 3 hours, ideal in the heat of summer due to lots of shady trees, which takes in four former water mills, now decayed and derelict though still retaining an eerie silence. The stream carries little water now but you can still see the remains of the water races and sluice gates. It wouldn’t have been that many decades ago when these mills were still in use. Local paysan and smallholders would bring their grain here for milling, paying a portion of their grain or flour for the service. This landscape has remained unchanged for centuries—my old Forester friend from Scotland was ecstatic one holiday seeing all the indicator species for ancient woodland. As I say, it’s a gem and not to be missed when you’re in the area.

Planet Earth : 44 ° 06′ 03,12″ N.  –  1° 48′ 57,78″ E.   –   Elev. 268 m.waterfall