Upper Floor – Support Work – Stage 1 – February 2008

The delivery of all the beams, blocks and steel for the upper floor support was unloaded into the courtyard in early 2008. In France, this type of floor — poured ready-mix concrete on top of a beam and block support with steel trellis reinforcement — is refereed to a an "hourdis" (pron. 'oardee' ). The... Continue Reading →


Stone Cladding then Demolition — October 2007

Once we'd got the gîte blockwork up to door lintel height we started the stone cladding on the exterior, using the standard lime mortar.The pale whitish coloured faced stones are new—bought from one of the local stone merchants, sized, cut and dressed to order. Usually need to count on paying around €80 per running metre,... Continue Reading →

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