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Summer Thunderstorms in SW France

Last Sunday was hot and sunny, then suddenly everything changed.

The sky went dark. The clouds moved in at remarkable speed. All went deathly quiet……….

Summer thunderstorm SW France

Martin took this photo just before all hell let loose….

Thunder, Lightening and Hail Stones the Size of Golf  Balls!

I’ve heard of hailstorms where ice the size of golf balls fall from the sky, but never seen the like before last Sunday afternoon. Quite a spectacular affair seen from our balcony.

Unfortunately, it meant no electric for the next 2 hours. A bit annoying when you are trying to watch the Olympics – London 2012. Still, all lights and TV connection were restored in time to watch Usain Bolt win the 100 meters dash, so I was happy!

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38°C Today in South West France

Pluto by Details In The Decor
Pluto, a photo by Details In The Decor on Flickr.

26 th July 2012 is most definately the hottest day of the year here in Penne du Tarn, South West France.

Too hot to work outside, too hot for the internet to work untill 6 pm in th evening (yes, the modem starts flashing and refuses to work over 30°C!).

So Martin decided to be creative with Adobe Illustrator!

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What’s The Weather Like Today?

This is the weather forecast, 6th July 2012 for my region of Penne du Tarn in South West France. Every morning come rain or shine, I open my emails and ‘La Chaine Meteo’ have delivered the daily weather for me.

Well, not too bad. Martin will be pleased – he is building our swimming pool* at the moment and today’s weather is perfect – not too hot – a bit of sun – a bit of cloud – and above all – NO RAIN!

The next 12 days look rather up and down temperature wise – but HEY – at least we haven’t torrential rain for the next 3 days – pour old England – pour Wimbledon. Fingers crossed for good weather during the Olympics!

*The Swimming Pool Project is progressing. More photos will be coming soon.

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Our tiny hamlet – Fabre de Lagrange

Our little hamlet, Fabre de Lagrange is situated in the commune of Penne, in the Tarn department, in the Midi-Pyrenées region of south west France.

The image shows detail from one of the map-charts  (le cadastre)  that are stored at the Mairie in Penne our local village.

  • Dark red : this is our property which we are currently renovating.
  • Orange : this was our original house that we bought in 1990, and sold in 2004 to another english couple who use it as a holiday home.
  • Purple : Patrick & Monique Rey, recently retired. Used to farm the surrounding land.
  • Lime-green : Jeannette Rey, Patrick’s mother, from whom we bought the current house.
  • Dark-green : A retired Dutch couple, who use the house as a holiday home.
  • Turquoise-green : This was the former school house, during the early 1900s, and was used as a gîte during the 1980s and just recently sold to our Dutch neighbours.

The other buildings shown hatched in grey are stone barns and outbuildings.

You can view the area on Google Earth by either  “flying to” 44°05’48.36″ N   1°46’18.22” E, or  Penne, 81140 Tarn and then moving about 3km to the northeast.