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Weekly Photo Challenge Green Autumn Color and Texture Tarn South West France

How Green – How Green this walk has been! Such a lot of green moss on the trees – I have no idea why – OK, the time of year is November, in the depths of Autumn here in South West France, but not particularly wet. In fact when we went on this local walk, we had bright blue skies and a temperature of 19 degrees.

OK, I know the photo challenge is green, but I couldn’t resist adding a little red – just as important during this autumn time – and so complimentary to the color green!

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Early Morning in South West France Sky On Fire

How often do you see this?

It was last Thursday, about 7 o’clock in the morning.

And the sky was on fire.

Just for 5 minutes or so.

Then the sky went back to normal.

Did it really happen?!

Taken with my ipad3, Thursday, 25th October 2012.

Fabre de Lagrange, 81140 Penne, France

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth Tomatoes in SW France

home grown tomatoes
Why can’t I grow tomatoes like this!

Now you won’t find tomatoes like these in the supermarket! My neighbor Maurice, a spritely 82-year-old,  grew these in his vegetable garden across the road from our house deep in the heart of the countryside here in South West France.

One of the advantages of living in South West France with hot sunny summers, and having a very generous neighbor with ‘green fingers’ and many years experience of living off the land.

As you see, they are not perfect tomatoes – they are irregular shapes, have patches of green amongst the bright orange and reds, little imperfections here and there.

But who cares – they taste absolutely delicious!

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Gardening – Head in the Clouds – Feet In The Mud!

Ornamental Blue Thistles and Lavender

Saturday and Sunday I spent in the garden.

No – not lazing round the pool with a glass of cold white wine!


I walk every day to our workshop that we built at the end of the garden here in the depths of South West France. My eyes are blinkered, trying not to see all work that needs doing in this fast expanse of open field. But last weekend, I could leave the jungle of weeds no longer. All those pretty Poppies from May were now a mass of tangled weeds stifling the other plants that I had so lovingly grown from seed or cuttings the year before.

Ah well, nobody to blame but myself!

3 hours and 3 huge piles of dried up poppy plants later, I have found my little seedlings hanging on for dear life! I spent what seemed like hours last summer nursing tiny plants of Onamental Blue Thistles that I had grown from a packet of seeds. Of coarse, I ended up with far too many, but never mind, we have a big garden to fill, the bees just love them and once established, they need vary little water, so are great for hot dry gardens!

I found this wonderful photo on one of the French wordpress blogs I follow. Why not go over there at leshachineur  and spend a little time brushing up your French and delving into all the vintage goodies, among other things, that she finds around France – particularly in the Brocantes of Paris.

What is a Brocante?  –  a Flea Market.

What is a Chineur?  –  a Bargain Hunter!

Details in the Decor

And the Poppies? What do I do next Spring time when all those little seeds lying in the hot, warm soil at the moment, start sprouting again?

Poppies in my garden France
Details in the Decor
Californian Yellow Poppies in France
I want more Californian Yellow Poppies next year!

Well, knowing me, I’ll probably let them grow. They do display a fine body of glorious red after the bareness winter!

Details in the Decor
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Deluxe Red Hand Painted Photo Frames Ready for Etsy

Well, just spent the afternoon photographing the Red Frames Hand-Made-By-Me. Why? You did that a few weeks ago! Well, since then, I have done a complete set of a deluxe Red Range of the hand painted frames that I am going to post in our Etsy Shop. These frames are all covered on the backs and struts with our textured black paper so they look just as good on the back as they do from the front, include glass and a neat paper insert, giving the frames a smart deluxe feel that makes them an ideal  gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries  or just a treat for yourself!

Here are a few of the photos that I will be posting on Etsy tomorrow:

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Pages From My Sketch Book

Thought you might like to see a few pages of my color doodles which I use to work out new color ways for my frames, but they could be used for all sorts of projects, from a new painting to restoring an old piece of furniture that you have found in the local ‘brocante’ (garage sale, car boot etc.)swatchbook09

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The Colors I Used For My Red Frames

For true feelings of depth and quality in any form of art from painting a masterpiece to a picture frame, it is essential to create layers of color. You may not see them all in the finished work – BUT – they are there and it does make the difference to the feel and quality of the piece.

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Red Frames Hand Made By Me!

Well this is RED WEEK on ‘Details in the Decor’ and I have just spent the afternoon preparing a whole bunch of photos that I took earlier this week of the Red Frames that I painted a couple of weeks ago. I just had to put a few up here to give you a sneak peak! More later…

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Seeing Red!

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

I seem to have been soaked in red in the workshop over the last few days, as I’m in the process of creating a new range of colored frames for Etsy and Artfire. I’ll be giving you sneak previews here over the next few days, but in the meantime, I thought we could get in the RED MOOD by having a look at a few of my favorite picks that I have collected on my  

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

TOFFEE APPLES! Oh Yum, Apart from the glorious color RED, they look so sticky and shiny, but above all, they remind me of being about 10 years old. It was always such a treat to have a toffee apple at the seaside or the local Fair.

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

I’m a bit of a sucker for the combination of RED and PINK, so when I saw this watercolor on Etsy, I just had to add it to my collection.

If you would like more details of the goodies illustrated, just click on the ‘source link’ below each picture.

To see all my Pinterest boards, click on ‘Denise link’ below each image, or click hereand follow me!