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A Walk, A Church, A Door, Texture & The Color Lilac

One of the things I love doing when on a walk here in South West France, whether it be in town or country, is to explore the color and textures that surround us in our environment.

Let’s have a closer look at this church that I came across at St. Sabine.

“Yes, I thought, quite a nice little country church, typical for this area of South West France.”

But as we get nearer – a lilac door no less – I wonder who thought of that color so many years ago? — A closer look is in order, me thinks………..

What a lovely pale lilac – now fading gently over the countless seasons of hot summer sun on these metal doors:

I want to get up close and personal – Let’s Go!

What a Surprise – Graffiti that I had no idea was there when I took the photo. I think there must have been some budding artists in St. Sabine when this door was painted. What fabulous texture and use of color – and on a French country church yard.

Door St Sabine France

Ah, I’ve found another door at the side of the church

A wooden door here – old and peeling – but such a fabulous color and texture — Love it!

Well, this is just a little snippet of my observations on just one of the wonderful marked pathway walks we have here in South West France. This one is on the PR19, St Antonin Noble Val (post code 82140) round trip walk.

I took these photos with my ipad3 which I always take with me on my walks now, as you just never know what you will see.

Texture and color provide great influence for all sorts of projects – painting, decor, the picture and photo frames I make…… lots and lots of things. It’s worth keeping a record for the future – you just never know when it will come in useful!

More walking snippets to come later……………

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38°C Today in South West France

Pluto by Details In The Decor
Pluto, a photo by Details In The Decor on Flickr.

26 th July 2012 is most definately the hottest day of the year here in Penne du Tarn, South West France.

Too hot to work outside, too hot for the internet to work untill 6 pm in th evening (yes, the modem starts flashing and refuses to work over 30°C!).

So Martin decided to be creative with Adobe Illustrator!

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Gardening – Head in the Clouds – Feet In The Mud!

Ornamental Blue Thistles and Lavender

Saturday and Sunday I spent in the garden.

No – not lazing round the pool with a glass of cold white wine!


I walk every day to our workshop that we built at the end of the garden here in the depths of South West France. My eyes are blinkered, trying not to see all work that needs doing in this fast expanse of open field. But last weekend, I could leave the jungle of weeds no longer. All those pretty Poppies from May were now a mass of tangled weeds stifling the other plants that I had so lovingly grown from seed or cuttings the year before.

Ah well, nobody to blame but myself!

3 hours and 3 huge piles of dried up poppy plants later, I have found my little seedlings hanging on for dear life! I spent what seemed like hours last summer nursing tiny plants of Onamental Blue Thistles that I had grown from a packet of seeds. Of coarse, I ended up with far too many, but never mind, we have a big garden to fill, the bees just love them and once established, they need vary little water, so are great for hot dry gardens!

I found this wonderful photo on one of the French wordpress blogs I follow. Why not go over there at leshachineur  and spend a little time brushing up your French and delving into all the vintage goodies, among other things, that she finds around France – particularly in the Brocantes of Paris.

What is a Brocante?  –  a Flea Market.

What is a Chineur?  –  a Bargain Hunter!

Details in the Decor

And the Poppies? What do I do next Spring time when all those little seeds lying in the hot, warm soil at the moment, start sprouting again?

Poppies in my garden France
Details in the Decor
Californian Yellow Poppies in France
I want more Californian Yellow Poppies next year!

Well, knowing me, I’ll probably let them grow. They do display a fine body of glorious red after the bareness winter!

Details in the Decor
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What’s The Weather Like Today?

This is the weather forecast, 6th July 2012 for my region of Penne du Tarn in South West France. Every morning come rain or shine, I open my emails and ‘La Chaine Meteo’ have delivered the daily weather for me.

Well, not too bad. Martin will be pleased – he is building our swimming pool* at the moment and today’s weather is perfect – not too hot – a bit of sun – a bit of cloud – and above all – NO RAIN!

The next 12 days look rather up and down temperature wise – but HEY – at least we haven’t torrential rain for the next 3 days – pour old England – pour Wimbledon. Fingers crossed for good weather during the Olympics!

*The Swimming Pool Project is progressing. More photos will be coming soon.

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Summer Exhibition & Craft Fair in Varen, South West France

Varen summer 2012 craft fair

The good ladies of Varen in the Tarn et Garonne, are very busy this week. The annual Varen Summer Exhibition and Craft Fair starts next Sunday afternoon, so all hands to the deck!

I delivered my hand painted mirrors that I was asked contribute last Tuesday, and decided to leave the hanging and display of the mirrors to them. They have impeccable taste, and will know exactly the right places for them on the old stone walls and tables dotted around the room.

Carmen tells me that the artisans that are exhibiting are all local, so I am looking forward to seeing their work. Lot’s of interesting interior decor items – hand made cushions, lamps, textiles as well as original drawings by a local artist. Some jewelry too I hear.

I will be there on Sunday afternoon at 3pm – 8th July 2012, for the opening and hope to take a few photos and talk to the other artists and crafts people. So more info next week to give you a little bit of an insight into a local crafts show in sunny South West France.

Here are a few pictures I took of the finished hand painted mirrors:

Taupe hand painted mirrors

White hand painted mirrors

I couldn’t resist adding the two little black and white 19 th. century lithographs that I framed in two tone hand painted white frames. I think they will go so well with the mirrors in a bedroom or living room decorated in neutral color tones.

2 19th century lithographs in hand painted white frames

There are a variety of sizes in the mirrors at the Varen Exhibition and the prices range from 20 euros to 95 euros – so great bargains. Yes everything there is for sale!

The exhibition/craft fair is open from Sunday, 8th July to Sunday, 16th September 2012 at ‘La Shoppe’ which is below the Mairie not far from the water fountain. The Varen ladies will be there to help you every afternoon during this period from 3pm to 7pm.

Varen is in the Tarn et Garonne – Post code 82170, France